My job on Monday was to go bowling!  Every year, in conjunction with our Mayor’s Youth Council, Frisco’s elementary schools choose 38 outstanding fifth graders to learn more about our city and hang out with me.  I can imagine for a fifth grader, the entire day was a blast. I would have loved this when I was a kid. They were given a special tour of our Central Fire Station on Main Street, rode bikes around Safety Town, ate pizza and then bowled with me.  Big thank you to our Fire and Police Departments who participated and of course, Neil Farren of Strikz Entertainment.

Our City Hall 101 students graduated Monday evening.  If you have not been through the City Hall 101 class, I recommend it.  It is a free, 13-week class provided by the City of Frisco to give our residents a glimpse into city departments and what it takes to run a town like Frisco.  It is usually an interesting combination of people who have just moved to Frisco and residents who have lived here for years. No matter the amount of time you have been living here, everyone walks away from this academy for an appreciation of our city staff and their commitment to our residents.  Congrats, City Hall 101 graduates, and thank you for investing in Frisco.

Frisco Arts awarded grants on Wednesday evening to their 2018 recipients.  Sixteen arts nonprofits who provide various programming in Frisco receive funding from Frisco Association for the the Arts.  The winners go through a fairly rigorous process to qualify for the funding. Frisco Arts was budgeted $175,000 from the City of Frisco which comes from the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT).  These are the taxes people pay when they stay in our hotels. The vast majority of that money is generated by our strong tourism. It is great our tourists are funding arts in Frisco. Frisco Fine Art hosted the event at their beautiful venue on Main Street.  It was fun to see all the people and organizations who are benefitting. Thank you, Tammy Meinershagen, and the entire Frisco Arts team.

Later on Wednesday evening, I went to the Shaddock Creek annual HOA meeting.  Occasionally, I get to attend these neighborhood gatherings. It is a nice opportunity when I can talk with and listen to our residents directly.  Typically, I am asked the usual questions about traffic, road improvement projects and “what’s being built on that corner?”. There is so much happening every week, I understand it is difficult for our residents to be up date on everything.  If your neighborhood is having an HOA meeting, let me know and if my schedule permits, I would be happy to come.

This week our Frisco Economic Development Corporation made a big announcement.  As you remember, Jim Gandy, our first and only President of Frisco’s EDC retired earlier this year.  Ron Patterson, who was our Assistant City Manager, was appointed as the Interim President. Ron jumped into the position and immediately began impressing everyone in the City, the EDC Board and the business community.  We made it official this week by naming Ron Patterson our official President of Frisco EDC. Congratulations, Ron. I am so excited to work with you on many projects and to bring a more corporate focus to Frisco.

Dana Baird-Hanks, the department head for our city’s Communications Department, hosted the annual Volunteer Appreciation Reception.  This is the one time each year when we thank all the volunteers who work so diligently to make Frisco a great city to live. You may not realize we have volunteers in many areas of our city who contribute hundreds of hours each year to our public library, our Fire Department at Safety Town, our Police Department and Parks & Recreation at our big city events like Merry Main Street.  This year we honored Carol Thomas as our Volunteer of the Year. Carol has been working for many years in our library. Thank you, Carol, and all our volunteers for your commitment to Frisco.

Early voting started on Monday and goes through this Saturday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Then next Monday and Tuesday, it is extended to 7:00am to 7:00pm. Saturday, May 5th, is Election Day and the polls are open again 7:00am to 7:00pm.  Unfortunately, very few people take two minutes out of their day to vote. Your votes select our leaders. Because you have chosen Frisco as your home, take a moment and vote.  

As I am looking ahead to next Friday evening, please consider coming to Memorial High School Stadium and joining me and the American Cancer Society for their annual Relay for Life event.  Particularly for those who have lost loved ones to cancer or are currently battling this disease, come out with your family and walk a lap to remember. It is May 4th from 6:00pm to 11:00pm.

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