Camp Gladiator

Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.comLast Saturday, I participated in Camp Gladiator at The Ford Center at The Star. Camp Gladiator is a national workout training company and once a year they host a huge stadium dash challenge in multiple cities. You will not be shocked to hear the event at The Star was the largest turnout in the nation. Every hour they would run a wave of participants running through the stadium with additional challenges at certain intervals. It was a lot of fun. Thousands of people were there. It was a great family event with loved ones in the stands cheering us all on.

Rise Frisco Kickoff
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Sunday morning was the kickoff of Rise Frisco, a new church. They meet in Cobb Middle School. Pastor Grant Diamond asked me to come and support their first service. Congratulations to Grant and everyone who has supported this church along the way. We are glad you are in Frisco.

Cowboys Training Camp
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Monday afternoon was the official opening ceremony of Cowboys Training Camp at The Star. The reason I love this is because Frisco City Council and I get to go on the field and welcome the Dallas Cowboys. It opened with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders performing. Then the Frisco Police Honor Guard presented the colors. Reedy High School choir beautifully sang the national anthem. Next, they let me welcome the Cowboys back to Frisco. The stadium was filled with cheering fans. So I was smart enough to keep my remarks short because I knew they were waiting for the players to come on the field. This is officially the beginning of football season!

photo credit: visitfrisco.com

Toyota’s Hydrogen Powered Truck

Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.com

Tuesday I went to the Toyota headquarters to see a hydrogen powered truck. Toyota has been working to develop hydrogen cars and trucks. The 18-wheeler truck they had on display could handle just as much payload as a diesel powered truck, had zero emissions and was very quiet when running. The Toyota development team, nicknamed Project Portal, told us one of the truck driver’s comments is that the hydrogen truck does not shake or is not loud. The truck drivers finish their drive not as exhausted because they are not dealing with the vibrations and loud diesel engine. Also, another reason why Toyota is suddenly attracted to Texas with this new technology is because Texas has the largest supply of hydrogen. It turns out that hydrogen is a natural byproduct of Texas’s vast oil and gas industry. Toyota is not developing hydrogen-powered vehicles for next year but for the future. They said they want to be planning 50 to 100 years ahead. According to them, the electric-powered Prius was thought to be faddish. Now, every major car company in the world has an electric car. Toyota wants to keep developing and pushing for the next generation of transportation. It is great to have Toyota located so close to Frisco and to have a strong relationship with this global leader.

City Council Meeting Breakdown

City Council meeting was busy. We recognized our Frisco Fire Department for their outstanding work. They just received another ISO 1 rating. This is an independent 3rd party which rates fire departments. They said it difficult to receive a 1 rating but even tougher keeping it. And that is exactly what our Frisco Fire Department has achieved. This ISO rating affects your homeowner insurance. Frisco homeowners receive a built in discount on their insurance because of this superior rating. Thank you, Chief Piland and your entire Fire Department, for not only protecting us but for lowering our insurance cost.

At Council, we also passed an ordinance to allow brewpubs in Frisco and for Frisco Flyers to build a private badminton stadium. However, the big news of the night was Frisco EDC announcing the sale of Park 25. Frisco EDC President Ron Patterson explained that real estate development was not in their core mission. Ron announced the property was being sold to the Cowboys so they can build their distribution center. This will house all merchandise and be another Cowboys development. We could not be happier that the Cowboys has continued to invest in Frisco. They had several opportunities to build this distribution center in nearby cities but they are staying in Frisco.

Mayor’s Business Round Table

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Wednesday we hosted another one of my Business Round Tables. It was sponsored by the Omni Hotel. Our special guest was Fehmi Karahan. Thank you Omni General Manager, Jeff Smith, for generously providing a ballroom and great lunch. We had 150 business leaders join us for the discussion on the 2500 acres recently purchased by Hunt Realty. Fehmi has joined with Hunt to master develop this beautiful land. We talked about the potential of this development and the importance of preserving its natural beauty.

Collin County Young Repbulicans

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On Wednesday evening I spoke at the Collin County Young Republican meeting. They wanted to hear what was happening in Frisco. These millennials especially wanted to learn more about our autonomous vehicles pilot program with Drive.ai. I received several questions on property taxes and what reform should look like.

Next Veteran’s Social

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Coming up next week is another Frisco Veterans Social. This one is sponsored by Balfour Beatty and will have a Purple Heart theme. We will be honoring the veterans who have received a Purple Heart and the sacrifice they have made. If you are veteran, you are invited to attend this free event of fun and fellowship. August 31st, 6:00pm at City Works.

Please RSVP here http://www.mayorcheney.com/mayor-calendar.html

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