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Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.comLast Saturday I was invited to visit a group of children who were making sandwiches for the homeless. When I arrived, I realized it was something much more. Let me start at the beginning. Frisco residents, Dax and Sonia Lopes, decided last Spring they wanted to help the homeless. Their son asked a few friends to join in the effort. In April, twenty people came together to make sandwiches for the homeless. The Lopes family posted it on Facebook and each month the number of families increased. When I showed up last Saturday, there were approximately 800 people making sandwiches for the homeless. Each family brought their own sandwich supplies and had a table to lay it out their assembly line. The cool thing is it was moms, dads, and kids working as teams making sandwiches together. I asked one family if they knew Dax and why they were there. The dad said they did not know anyone involved but saw it on Facebook and wanted to help. A woman said he brought a neighbor boy because his mom had to work and the boy raised money on his own to purchase the sandwich supplies. The boy was no more than 8 or 9 years old. One of the best parts of Frisco is our diversity. I saw families of all races and backgrounds working together to help others in need. On the day I visited, these Frisco families made 17,000 sandwiches. A Salvation Army representative was there to distribute some of the sandwiches. The Lopes family takes the rest to homeless shelters in Dallas. I love telling you this story because it represents the absolute best of all of us in Frisco. Thank you, Lopes Family, for taking the lead in such a simple yet profound and impactful way. You can connect with Our Helping Hands on Facebook.

DiverseAbility Forum
Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.com
This week Frisco was the host city for DiverseAbility Forum. It was sponsored by Texas Workforce Commission and the University of North Texas. It was a gathering of Texas agencies along with small and large employers to discuss hiring individuals with disabilities. It was held at the Embassy Suites Conference Center. One of the reasons this specific location was selected is because the Embassy Suites in Frisco is one of the top employers in the state to hire people with disabilities. It was a discussion of why hiring employees with disabilities benefit the employer and how to actually hire them. I shared with the group that as Frisco continues to grow, we have a growing population of residents with disabilities. We want them to be gainfully employed in local businesses. We met CEO Don Crockett of Winco grocery stores and he was one of many businesses leading the way. Dawn Cruzan was there and has been a leading advocate in Frisco for the disabled. Thank you, Texas Workforce Commission’s Chair, Ruth Hughes, and UNT’s President, Neal Smatresk for leading on this necessary issue.

Frisco Fresh Market
Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.com
If you are in town for Labor Day weekend, I encourage you to stop by our new Frisco Fresh Market. We are excited it opened a few weeks ago. Dana and I had a chance to tour it and we were very impressed. We went on a Saturday late morning and there were lots of families there. They had a guy playing guitar which gave a nice vibe. There is lots of food to eat on the spot or to take home and prepare. If you visit it, you will quickly see the different phases being developed. This farmers market is built first class and will only grow to be a future staple of our city. They are open Thursday to Sundays.

More info here http://www.friscofreshmarket.com

photo credit: visitfrisco.com

Frisco Arts Walk & 5k Run

Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.com

Please save the date for October 6th. This is the annual Frisco Arts Walk and 5K Run. This year, they are incorporating a 5K run. My family enjoys walking the HALL Park grounds and enjoying all the active artists and performers happening throughout the area. Join me in running the 5K and enjoying a day of art. More info here https://friscoarts.org/frisco-arts-walk-and-run/

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