First Baptist Church of Frisco Making an Impact

Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.comLast Friday afternoon I met with a pastor from First Baptist Church of Frisco.  Pastor Mark Caswell has been on a mission to make it known they support our schools and our city.  They took up a special offering for this effort.  FBC, Frisco has donated $1000 to each our 61 FISD schools, no strings attached.  They have also contributed to each of our fire stations and our police department.  I had the opportunity to be present when Mark presented the $1000 to Christie Elementary.  Thank you, Pastor Mark and FBC, Frisco for supporting our community in a very real way.  Our teachers especially appreciate your generous gift.

Frisco Veterans Social at City Works
Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.com

Friday evening we organized another Frisco Veterans Social.  It was held at City Works at The Star and we took over the entire 2nd floor.  We had over 250 veterans attend our event.  Balfour Beatty Construction and JLL generously paid for all the food for the evening.  For this social, the Frisco Veterans focused on Purple Heart veterans.  We planned to honor 8 Purple Heart recipients including two WWI veterans who had passed away.  I read a proclamation from the city honoring these eight brave and noble men.  Councilman John Keating went the extra mile and made special challenge coins to present to each of the Purple Heart veterans.  Capital Grille gave $100 gift cards to each of them.  One of the six was Sgt. Dana Carroll.  He is 99 years old and turns 100 in November.  Sgt. Carroll fought in WW2, the Korean War and served in the Cold War.  It was such an honor to have Sgt. Carroll at our event surrounded by his family.  The entire crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to him.  The big surprise of the evening was four additional Purple Heart veterans came to the presentation whom we were not expecting.  This is a good problem.  Interestingly, two of them told their stories.  They shared that they were never welcomed home after the Vietnam War.  Both of these men were successful men who clearly had experienced great lives.  However, as they told their stories, tears fell from the corners of their eyes.  They said this was the first time they were recognized and appreciated for their sacrifice to America.  One of the veterans was given First Rights and thought to be dead, he suffered so dearly.  Thank you to JP Hogan, John Keating and Shenna Lawless for organizing this important event.  It was a special night.

Sunrise Rotary
Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.comTuesday morning after Labor Day I spoke at the Sunrise Rotary.  First, I need to remind you that I challenged this group to increase their flag program to over 1000 homes in Frisco.  Today, the Sunrise Rotary is well over 1100.  Congratulations!  I talked about the Fields estate, UNT coming to Frisco, the newly-announced Cowboys distribution center, the EDC being back on track and the Frisco Fire Department winning the national accreditation and earning the ISO rating.  The Rotary is an impressive group of leaders in Frisco.  Thank you for inviting me to speak, Geoffrey Davis and newly-elected President, Krista Ryan.

UNT Frisco Update

At our first Council meeting for the month of September, Dr. Jennifer Cowley, Provost of UNT, presented an update on what is happening with UNT in Frisco.  It was great to see their commitment to our community and to startups in conjunction with Inspire Frisco.  When I asked Jennifer what they wanted our residents to know about UNT, she unequivocally answered, “we are here today”.  UNT offers classes today at HALL Park and the new Inspire Park building, formerly known as the NTech building.

Congratulations on 30 years, HCL!

Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.com

Wednesday morning I was asked to participate in commemorating HCL’s 30th anniversary in America.  HCL is a wonderful, Indian-based corporation who has chosen Frisco to grow their business.  Thank you, HCL, for choosing Frisco and making such a positive effect in our community.


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