Jeff Cheney

Mayor Cheney Running for Re-Election in 2020


Mayor Jeff Cheney Announces 2020 Mayoral Run

The privilege of being your Mayor has been the highest honor of my life.  Thank you. I am running for re-election, want to serve you another three years, and am seeking your vote on May 2, 2020.

More jobs, expanding the tax base, creating beautiful neighborhoods, providing top-tier entertainment, and keeping you safe.  We accomplished this by working together: the six outstanding leaders on City Council, the most excellent City Manager, Frisco ISD, and all our education partners, City staff, members of our Boards and Commissions, our volunteers, and you.

Frisco was named the #1 Best Place to Live while still being ranked the fastest growing city.  PGA of America is relocating to Frisco, and together, we are creating a new epicenter for the entire sport of golf.  We won our first-ever Fortune 500 relocation, Keurig Dr Pepper, and was awarded the distinction for #1 in job growth in the US.  These big wins are a result of rebuilding the Frisco Economic Development Corporation and focusing on the original two initiatives of expanding the tax base and attracting jobs.  We worked to attract a top-ranked Tier 1 research university, the University of North Texas. UNT is building a 100-acre campus providing undergrad and graduate studies focusing on emerging technologies.   Every major medical and healthcare provider is open for patients or is building state-of-the-art campuses: Baylor Scott & White Medical Center, Baylor Sports Performance Center, Scottish Rite For Children, Medical City Frisco, Texas Health Resources, UT Southwestern and more on the horizon.  We continue to deepen our Sports City USA brand by adding the National Soccer Hall of Fame, professional lacrosse, and an esports team. Simultaneously, we are looking to become a leading center for the arts. You, the citizens, have demonstrated your desire for world-class performing and visual arts.

We have continued to invest in providing opportunities for an active lifestyle with the largest purchase of land designated for parks.  We codified my commitment to you for more protected open spaces in all our developments through a city ordinance. Also, I believe in conserving money.  We have widely implemented LEAN, a continuous improvement initiative, throughout the City of Frisco to become more efficient in all areas. And, we passed an ordinance to create a Homestead Tax exemption.  It afforded a much-needed 10% reduction to homeowners. Frisco’s families who purchase a home and live in our neighborhoods are the foundation of our city. As the intense growth has changed our community, we have made it our mission to welcome all people.  Practically everyone is new to Frisco and come from all parts of America and the world, however, once you are here, you are a Frisconian. Working alongside Frisco veterans, we have made Frisco a veteran-ready city. We have strived to keep an open dialogue with residents, provided weekly updates, and made my phone number available to everyone.

After being elected in 2017, we announced my 100-Day Plan to follow through on my commitments and jumpstart my long-term goals.  Expeditiously fulfilling these promises was crucial. Over the coming months, I anticipate continuing our conversation together on new ideas, aspirations, and what is next for Frisco.  While we have accomplished some amazing feats together, there is still immense opportunity to continue winning. I humbly ask for your support and encouragement.


Frisco Fire Department 9/11 Ceremony

Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.com

Tuesday was the 17th anniversary of the attacks on America.  Frisco Fire Department holds a somber ceremony every year commemorating the deaths of the 413 New York emergency workers who died that day.  It is held outside at Frisco’s Central Fire Station on Main Street.  This year it was raining as the bagpipes played and we all remembered.  Interestingly, Fire Chief Piland was at the Pentagon fighting the fires on 9/11.

Frisco Garden Club Ceremony
Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.com

Later Tuesday, at 6:00 PM, Frisco Garden Club sponsored the 9/11 Ceremony which is open to the public.  It is held at the Warren Sports Complex up on the hill.  Approximately 100 people came.  It was nice to see families bringing their young children to this memorial.  When we say “we will never forget”, this implies we educate and share our stories with our children and grandchildren.  Thank you, moms and dads, for telling your children about your experiences of 9/11.  The Frisco Garden Club organizes an evening for all of us to remember that day.  Thank you, ladies.

Improving Off the Field Lives of NFL Players
Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.comThis week I met with Dante Wesley and his wife, Renetta.  Dante is a former NFL player and spent some time with the Dallas Cowboys.  His mission has changed since his days as a player.  Dante and Renetta are focused on improving the lives of NFL players and their families by focusing on their marriage and family relationships.  They shared with us the divorce rate in the NFL is 80%.  Dante and Renetta have teamed up with married Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt to create a program to restore these relationships.  Thanks, Renetta and Dante, we hope you can provide needed support for the players.

The New Modern Homes

Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.com

On Wednesday morning, we broke ground for one of Frisco’s newest and most exciting residential builders.  The New Modern Homes chose Frisco to be the community where they first build.  The Frisco Chamber was there to welcome them and there was plenty of media capturing the news of this development.  The New Modern Homes are sustainable, energy free, and maintenance free.  They use solar panels to provide all the needed energy to run the home and even charge your car.  We are proud to be attracting this level of innovation to our residents.  Thank you, Jimmy Tanghongs, for choosing Frisco to build The New Modern Homes.


State of the University Address

Photo Credit: VisitFrisco.com

Thursday afternoon, we traveled to Denton to be at UNT President Neal Smatresk’s Annual State of the University Address.  Neal talked about all their achievements during the last year.  More students graduated, more money raised, more money spent on research, more buildings completed.  Do you see a trend?  Neal has been the President at UNT since 2014 and you can see the undeniable impact he has made on every aspect of the University.  Of course, one of the highlights for me was when he spoke so fondly of Frisco and the 100-acre campus they will be building on the Brinkmann Ranch property.  I recorded one statement in particular because he repeated it a couple of times and it was so meaningful.  “The union of creativity and technology is strategically important to our future and the growth of the creative economy around us.”  Neal explored the concept of a creative economy.  He said it represented 15% of the US GDP.  The University is strategically moving in that direction.  We see our city naturally moving into those business sectors like, sports, entertainment, arts and all the many related fields which support them.  Neal is truly a visionary and it is an honor that he and his incredible team has chosen Frisco for his expansion.

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